SAT Testing Day

The SAT is a great way to demonstrate all of your hard work with Lobo Prep!

On test day, remember to bring:

  1. Your SAT admission ticket, printed from your account on You will not be allowed in the testing center without this.
  2. Acceptable photo identification, i.e. any state issued ID, such as a driver’s license. School ID’s from the school you currently attend are acceptable. Old school ID’s are acceptable (through December of the spring school year). ID’s must be in English and not photocopies or pictures. You will not be allowed in the testing center without this.
  3. Sharpened pencils (at least 2) for both essay and multiple-choice components.
  4. An approved calculator. Four-function, scientific, and graphic calculators are all allowed, but please see the College Board Calculator Use Policy.
  5. (Optional) Extra batteries or charger for your calculator. You will need to ask permission from your proctor before use.
  6. (Optional) A non-smart watch that will not make any sounds during testing. Muting options are available in most watches. Apple watches and other smart watches are not allowed.
  7. (Optional) Any medical equipment or medications you might need is permissible. EpiPens are allowed in a small plastic bag under your seat during testing with no accommodation. To bring any other essential medical equipment or medications, please contact your testing center for accommodations.
  8. (Optional) Water and snacks for consumption during breaks.