Lobo Prep offers three programs for students:

  • Lobo SAT Prep
  • Lobo College Prep
  • Lobo PSAT Prep.

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Mentor Alan Rodriguez reviews an SAT question with his mentees.

Lobo SAT Prep

Lobo SAT Prep prepares juniors for the December SAT and spring SAT tests. During the fall semester, students learn from a manual’s curriculum developed by the University of Houston mentors and revised each year. Students take two diagnostic (or practice) tests each semester to assess their progress.

Each mentor teaches in a small group and is assigned to 2-3 mentees. The students learn from a consistent mentor who teaches all sections of the SAT and college curriculum.


Mentor Vivan explains a university’s admissions process.

Lobo College Prep

Lobo College Prep is a college preparatory program for seniors. The 10-week program meets once a week to apply for colleges, scholarships, and financial aid. Students learn more about the transition from high school to college.

Lobo PSAT Prep

Lobo PSAT Prep is a PSAT preparatory program for incoming sophomores and juniors. The program is held for 4-6 weeks during the summer to prepare students for the October PSAT of that year.